Jeffrey Canty

User Interface Engineer
2833 N Cambridge Ave, Apt 1C Chicago, IL 60657
+1 (312)

Multifaceted user interface engineer specializing in design systems, content infrastructure, and web performance. Passionate about creating outstanding user experiences that are driven by data, and differentiated by design.

↬ Available for freelance, contract, or consulting projects in remote and/or on-site environments.

  • HTML
  • Web APIs
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • Less.js
  • BEM
  • CSS Modules
  • styled-components
  • Emotion
  • React.js
  • Redux
  • Gatsby
  • Next.js
  • Preact
  • GraphQL
  • Apollo
  • Relay
  • Flow
  • TypeScript
  • Jest
  • Enzyme
  • React Testing Library
  • Cypress
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Electron
  • Cordova
  • Node.js
  • Webpack
  • Rollup
  • Babel
  • Yarn
  • Lerna
  • Bolt
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Bitbucket
  • S3
  • Lambda
  • EC2
  • CloudFront
  • API Gateway
  • Route 53
  • DynamoDB
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • *nix
  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • xD
  • InDesign
  • After Effects
  • Maya
  • Cinema 4D
  • Framer X

design sprints, concepting, writing, interactive design, user experience design, rapid prototyping, letterpress, usability testing, product and industrial design, interpersonal communication, typography, web accessibility, information architecture, social economics, new urbanism, kyoto-style coffee, startups, progressive web applications, mobile, conversational ui, mixed reality, technical writing, conferences, training, woodworking, hackathons, volunteering, bicycling, french bulldogs, internet of things, natural language processing, data visualization, silk-screening


Available upon request.


Freelance, Contract & Consulting

User Interface Engineer


Chicago, IL

I partner with forward-thinking companies of all sizes to design, develop, and scale their digital products for iOS, Android, and the web. I have worked with product teams all over the world — from individual founders who are self-funded, to large multi-national organizations. I specialize in building design-driven, user-centered experiences that inspire audiences to interact, engage, share, and purchase.


Sr. Software Engineer

New York, NY

Worked as a Sr. Software Engineer on both Casper’s Shop and Frontend Operations pods. Acted as principal engineer for the architecture and implementation of Siesta, The Casper Design System. Siesta consists of primitives, components, patterns, guidelines, and tooling used by Casper’s teams to rapidly build well-crafted digital products for all of Casper’s worldwide customers. I collaborated with stakeholders, technical and business, to deliver ambitious high value projects.

styled-components, Next.js, Node.js, React.js, Redux, Apollo, Lerna, Webpack


User Interface Engineer

Chicago, IL

Developed TrustHub application, an industry-leading software-as-a-service solution that assists providers with the design, data modeling, and management of value-based reimbursement programs.

Next.js, React.js, styled-components, CSS Modules


Sr. Software Engineer

Chicago, IL

Developed client-side predictive analytics platform to help marketing professionals predict the outcomes of planned LTOs and promotions, and prescribe marketing recommendations that can better meet their business goals.

React.js, Redux, CSS Modules, Sass, Enzyme, Webpack

Metro Bank

User Interface Engineer

London, UK

Engineered the user interface and streamlined communication layer for coin counting application used throughout all Metro Bank locations. Utilized WebSockets for communicating with physical hardware, and delivered UI as an Electron application using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Node.js, Electron, Web APIs


User Interface Engineer

San Francisco, CA

Executed the design and development of Truebill Reviews. Aggregated data from existing user ratings and reviews of subscription services to yield search engine optimized pages of services where visitors can browse, compare, and sign-up for Truebill to manage their subscriptions.

React.js, Relay, Node.js, Sass


User Interface Engineer

Chicago, IL

Conceptualized and prototyped new features, streamlined existing functionality, and aligned engineers on coding conventions and development processes. Fostered a stronger relationship between design and engineering teams. Collaborated with design to build visual and interface guidelines and establish a reusable component pattern library.

React.js, Redux, CSS Modules, D3.js, Enzyme


User Interface Engineer

Chicago, IL

Spearheaded development efforts in responsive landing page for Hanes Ink — an online platform for printing custom apparel for teams, organizations, and universities. Delivered a living style guide of reusable components using Metalsmith and Sass/BEM methodologies.

Metalsmith, BEM, Sass


User Interface Engineer

Chicago, IL

Collaborated across organization to deliver the product vision and strategy for new community Pages platform. Mentored engineering team on best practices for progressive enhancement, maintainable client-side web components, accessibility, and improvements to site performance.

Angular, CSS, Sass, BEM


Software Engineer, JavaScript

Chicago, IL

Worked closely with cross-functional stakeholders to help drive the execution and iteration of both internal and consumer-facing web applications. Implemented new features, functionality, and improvements to deliver on Belly's product vision and strategy.

Angular, Cordova, CoffeeScript, Sass, BEM, S3


Lead UI Engineer

Chicago, IL

Established front-end architecture for Employee Self-Service Portal. Streamlined build process for client-side HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Created design system consisting of reusable web components, guidelines, and documentation to enabled unified, cross-department consistency in all of Paylocity's digital products.

Angular, Less.js, BEM


Software Engineer

Chicago, IL

Collaborated with cross-functional stakeholders to improve and maintain existing site functionality. Prototyped, designed, and developed new digital products and features.

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Sass

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